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Benjamin Lee for District 23

   I am the eldest child born to Sgt. Donna Peters and Spc. Christopher Peters in 1985, while they were serving in N├╝rnberg, Germany. I spent just short of a year there before being stationed in Denver, Colorado where brother was born. A year later, we were back overseas in Frankfurt, Germany, where we welcomed my sister. We lived there until I was almost five when we finally ended up stationed at Fort Drum, NY.

   I spent my youth in St. Lawrence County, New York outdoors exploring the forests and swamps near my home and learning how computers worked when inside. I participated in baseball, cross-country, rugby, soccer, swimming, and track & field.

   My first job was when I became a paperboy at 12 years old. I spent a year doing this job and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being outside year-round and learning the neighborhood. My second job was when I was 16, working in the State Parks of NY with the Youth Conservation Corps program. It was another hard outdoor job that I found great enjoyment performing.

   After graduating from High School, I spent the following summer working for Habitat For Humanity in West Virginia. After working for Habitat for Humanity, I followed in my parents' footsteps by joining the military. I enlisted in the US Air Force in 2005 and was stationed at Mountain Home AFB with the 391st AMU.

   I volunteered and was part of the historic 2007 deployment to Afghanistan where a fighter squadron was forward deployed into a combat zone for the first time in US military history. Our unit achieved a 100% combat effectiveness rating. I volunteered again for a second deployment to Afghanistan in 2008, where my unit achieved another 100% combat effectiveness rating. Unfortunately, I got injured on the last night of operations. These injuries persisted until I received an honorable medical discharge in 2012. Between my injury and separation, I was awarded my line number for Staff Sergeant in 2009 and managed Weapon Teams for two years.

   After separating from the military, I spent the next three years in intensive physical therapy with the VA, remodeling my home, and traveling. I spent a great deal of time since then traveling the United States in my car from coast to coast exploring many of the states and small towns that make up these United States.

   In 2016, during the Elmore County Democrats Presidential Caucus, I was elected to be a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the state convention and have stayed in politics since. If we don't take a seat at the table, the corporations will and they won't be working for us.

Benjamin Lee  ·  P.O. Box 1135, Mountain Home, ID 83647  ·  (315)222-6527  ·  Benjamin.Lee.Idaho@gmail.com   

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